Holiday Bar

No matter what kind of holiday party you’re throwing this year, one thing is certain: you need a refreshments table. Here’s how to make yours festive.
For starters you need to think about the theme of your party. What is your color scheme? Are there any recurring symbols? (Snowflakes, Santas, Menorahs, etc) Is it modern or traditional? Is it sophisticated or whimsical?
I usually decorate the sideboard in the dining room first. I fill it with four matching glass drink dispensers to keep everything uniform.
For soda, I use the 100 calorie cans because they’re smaller, easy to store and you never see half of one laying around at the end of the night.
Freeze your ice cubes in star shaped silicone trays, empty them out in a ice bucket.
I also keep a crystal bowl of pecans, chex mix and popcorn on the table.
Throw in some funny cocktail napkins and you are good to go!

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